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FlexBright - Change iPhone Brightness by Time of Day-

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Change Brightness by Time of Day

Set your Daytime & Nighttime Brightness

Set Custom Times to switch to Daytime and Nighttime Brightness

Calculate Local Sunrise & Sunset

GPS Capability to Automatically calculate Local Sunrise & Sunrise


Continuously monitor Eye Strain while using your device

Receive alerts if high is detected. Exercise to reduce eye fatigue and keep your eyes fresh

Record your device brightness throughout the day

Monitor your device brightness for the last 24 hours

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FlexBright Capabilities

Did you know that night-time exposure to blue light keeps people up late? Did you know that exposure to bright light or straining to see in dim light can also cause eye fatigue?

FlexBright will continuously monitor your exposure to blue light from your device and prompt you to change brightness if high eyestrain is detected. The app will also allows you to automatically adjust the brightness of your screen based on time of the day.
FlexBright has a smart calculator that monitors your exposure to blue light throughout the day and will alert if you if eye fatigue is detected. Put in your bedtime and FlexBright will monitor your exposure to blue light and alert you to reduce brightness when it gets closer to your bedtime to minimize blue light effect on your sleep cycle.
Set times for daytime brightness and nighttime brightness and set back and relax. The App will adjust your phone brightness based on your preset times while running in the background.You can also use the default sunrise and sunset times and FlexBright will change the brightness after sunrise and again after sunset based on your local timezone. Switching from day brightness to night brightness will reduce the blue light effect on your sleep cycle.

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