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What is LaunchCode?
LaunchCode allows you to launch apps and actions with gestures. You can draw a custom symbol on the app's screen to launch apps and actions. LaunchCode also allow you to launch apps and actions from the notification center.

What are actions?
Actions are discrete tasks within a particular app to perform a certain function. For example, sending an email is an action within the Mail app or making a phone call to a contact is an action within the Phone app. Other common actions include opening the web browser to a specific website or search Wikipedia. Current version of LaunchCode supports hundreds of actions.
How can I add my shortcuts to the Notification Center?
For the Free app version all your five shortcuts will be displayed in the notification center. For the Paid App version, you choose up to ten shortcuts each for the App and Go shortcuts. To add and delete which apps are shown in eth notification center:
  • Go to Seetings
  • Tap the widget icon "two gears"
  • Tap (+) to add more shortcuts to notification center
  • You can also delete shortcuts from the notification center by tapping "Edit" and deleting the ones you don't want shown in notification center See tutorial video below
Can I perform an action not yet supported by the app?
Yes. You can use the custom URL to launch apps and action by typing your own URL Scheme. Tap on "Custom Shortcuts" and type your own URL Scheme in "Enter Link" box. Here's comprehensive list of available URL Schemes
How can I create a shortcut?
LaunchCode App supports hundreds of Apps and Actions. See below for an example
  • To create a shortcut to call a contact
  • To create a shortcut to launch Map with preset destination

What else does LaunchCode do?
You can schedule tasks to be performed at certain time by creating a shortcut for these tasks and assign a time and date for the task to be performed. You can also schedule reoccurrence of these tasks.
What is x-callback-url?
Using x-callback-url source apps can launch other apps passing data and context information, and also provide parameters instructing the target app to return data and control back to the source app after executing an action. Here's the index of x-callback-url compliant schemes
What are the custom shortcuts supported by LaunchCode?
Here are all the custom URL schemes that can be launched within LaunchCode App

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