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Shortcut Center


Launch Apps and Actions with gestures

LaunchCode allows you to draw custom symbols to launch apps and actions. It is an essential all in one home screen app launcher and multi-purpose utility widget to make your life 100% easier

It’s a one touch solution that you need to accomplish unlimited tasks on your phone quickly. With a flick of the wrist or a single touch you can launch apps, call mom, text your friends, jump to your favorite artist on Spotify, email your boss, go to your favorite website, and much more; you’re only limited by your imagination.

Send a message, call a friend, jump to Facebook, tweet, launch Instagram, and search Yelp for closest location near you. Launch Code is an App of actions for everyone who want to accomplish as much as possible in as little time as possible. Not second, but fractions of a second to send a text to mom to tell her “I’m on my way”, or call dad, or open Safari to “MY favorite webpage”…. It’s a productivity app that makes you 100% more productive.

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LaunchCode is the only app you’ll need in your dock. Record hand

written symbols, numbers, gestures, alphabets to assign to an action. Before you know it, muscle memory will take over and you don’t even have to look. Draw “M” to call mom, or heart to call your “sweetheart”, or “Y” to open yahoo page, or "O" to open, or "S" to send SMS to Sam, or "F" to open Facebook app, or “h” for maps to launch with directions to HOME.

Launch Code is the most reliable and essential all in one App to make your life 100% easier


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“LaunchCode App instills the human interface into your phone”

[] Raleigh, North Carolina / USA March 4th, 2015 –

LaunchCode Shortcut Center, an intelligent productivity app for the iPhone that streamlines daily tasks will be available on March 30st, 2015, for iPhone 4s users and above.

Our world is an integration of thousands of languages and cultures. But there is a nonverbal language that every human being

uses and understands; gestures! Humans use gestures as an integral part of their daily communication and now can communicate with an iPhone the same way. IPhone users will now have a single place from which to launch apps, websites, and actions with gestures. Intelligent Apps' crown jewel ‘LaunchCode’ App is THE productivity solution to help iPhone users whiz through the daily tasks on their phone and manage their busy schedule in an effortless, efficient and productive way. And LaunchCode's innovative design promises to change the way people use their iPhone for good.

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The ultimate goal of LaunchCode Shortcut Center is for users to use their iPhone as an extension of themselves and not as the focal point of their attention. They will be able to complete tasks, call contacts, listen to their favorite radio station, and even open Maps with directions to their home all without looking at their phone. Muscle memory will take over. All that is required is for one to draw their symbol on the screen and the phone will obey their command.

With the ease of this user interface, this is the only app iPhone users will ever need in their iPhone dock. Unlike other productivity apps, LaunchCode injects the human interface into an iPhone. Humans communicate nonverbally in ways such as with gestures, letters and symbols, and now can communicate with an iPhone the same way.

Users assign custom symbols for the most used tasks on the main app screen. Once the app is opened, they will handwrite symbols, numbers or alphabets to launch their tasks. The current version at this time can launch more than 1800 tasks. All the shortcuts are visible on the main screen and accessible by drawing the symbol on the screen or clicking on the shortcut icon. In addition, icons can be customized. The user can even use their contact photo for the shortcut icon.

Intelligent Apps plans to release two versions of LaunchCode. A free version which users can program with up to 5 app shortcuts and 5 action shortcuts and a paid version with which users can program unlimited app shortcuts and action shortcuts.

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